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      1. PRODUCT
        With the advanced chemical synthesis and biological fermentation technology, Apeloa provides raw materials and intermediates to many pharmaceutical factories at home and abroad. Our preparation products in cardio-cerebrovascular, anti-infection and anti-tumor treatment are widely welcomed by the market,serving for the sick. The API Division can provide competitive raw medicinal materials for international pharmaceutical companies. CDMO Division can provide international pharmaceutical companies with R & D capability, production and service. FDF Division offer many clinical valued drugs in cardio-cerebrovascular, anti-infection, anti-tumor and other treatment methods to the medicinal areas.
        About Us
        Founded in 1989, Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a listed company on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE: 000739) and the pharmaceutical industry development platform for Hengdian Group which is a well-known private enterprise in China. The company ranks among the top 40 pharmaceutical companies in China, the 25th in the "Top 100 Industrial Enterprises" (the second in Zhejiang), the second in the "API Export" (the first in Zhejiang), and the top 5 CDMO companies in Yaozhi.com. Apeloa was also elected to The 14th "Top 100 Most Valuable Listed Companies on the Main Board of China" and the second batch of Zhejiang "Eagle Action" Cultivation Enterprises. In recent years, it has successively won the honorary titles of Dongyang City's "Industrial Contribution Award" and "Top Ten Taxpayers" in Dongyang and Jinhua. After more than 30 years of development, Apeloa has established good pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing capabilities, forming three main business sectors of API, CDMO, and Finished Dosage Form (FDF). The company has set up API technology center, CDMO R&D center, and pharmaceutical research institute in Hengdian headquarter, Shanghai, Boston, and Hangzhou respectively; Commercial production facilities have been well in place in Dongyang Zhejiang, Weifang Shandong, Dongzhi Anhui, and Quzhou Zhejiang. Apeloa has accumulated a large number of technical achievements and talent resources in its API business sector, and has taken the lead in China's API industry and continues to tremendous invest in environmental protection, technological improvement, and product R&D. With a strong competitive advantage in terms of cost, quality, EHS and technology, Apeloa has become a leading domestic company in special APIs . As the major service provider of CDMO business in the global innovative drug industry chain, Apeloa has built a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with top domestic and foreign big pharma and biotech companies, and has accumulated solid business and maintained a rapid growth trend. The FDF business adheres to the strategy of differentiation and globalization to achieve rapid development. Eight products in FDF division have passed the new four-category approval or drug consistency evaluation by NMPA, and a group of well-known domestic brands such as "Baishixin" and "Tianliwei" have been established. Apeloa has created competitive advantages in the internal integration of API/FDF and superiority in high-tech barriers. The first high-end controlled-release generic drug has been recently launched in US market. In line with international standards, the company has secured a high-standard quality management system and EHS management system to escort the healthy development of the company. The company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, and takes the lead in the "three wastes" governance in the industry; actively participates in social welfare activities such as paired poverty alleviation, disaster rescue, and anti-epidemic donations, which have been widely praised by the society. The company insists on high-quality development driven with scientific and technological innovation and continues to increase investment in R&D activities. Surrounding the three major business sectors, Apeloa has built an R&D innovation system with a team of over 870 scientists currently. It has also jointly constructed a variety of innovation platforms with academic institutes and has exhibited certain advantages in subdivisions such as chiral resolution, flow chemistry, bio-catalysis, and controlled release formulation technology. At the same time, the company embraces intelligent manufacturing and promotes the construction of " continuous, automatic, informationized and intelligent" capabilities on the manufacturing side. Apeloa upholds the core values of "Mutual Creation, Mutual Wealth" and the core culture of " Compassion, Moderation, Teamwork and Action", fulfills the mission of "Technology for Health", and implements the development strategy of "Refine API, Strengthen CDMO, and Optimize FDF". The company actively spreads the corporate culture of "Study Happily, Exercise Happily,Work Happily". To the future, Apeloa are making great strides towards the realization of the high-quality development of the enterprise and the grand vision of " To be a leading technology-based pharmaceutical manufacturing company in China ".
        Activities & News
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